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How to Enhance the Jewellery Images for Marketplace

Image retouching plays an important role after a jewellery photo shoot. This is to elevate the jewellery image, adding a natural look and details to the product. Image retouching allows the focus to remain on the core feature of the  image, which is the product. The images cannot be posted online without retouching as retouched images play a vital role to get products sold on e-commerce sites.

Top Reasons to Retouch Jewellery Images

  • Give a natural look
  • Remove dust and scratches from the jewellery image
  • Colour corrections
  • Stone enhancements
  • Match the natural lighting
  • Enhancing the metal
  • Cropping for uniform sizing across all product catalogue
  • Maintain a natural looking shadow across all products
  • Product Variance – have different metal colours for same product

Cut-out the raw Jewellery image

Ring image1

Product clipping help to replace the background and carry out the above retouching points. Creating a clipping path of the product is the basic necessity of image editing process.

Image clipping help to remove/replace the background and carry out the above retouching points.

Removing the Dust, Scratches, Unwanted shadow, Poor reflection & lighting

Ring image2

Addressing these points that affect the quality of jewellery images in the digital marketplace is essential. Retouching every detail of an image in these aspects can improve the visual quality of the image.

Stones or Diamond Enhancing

Ring image3

The initial lustre of the stone or diamond may occasionally be diminished by the bad lighting used during the photo shoot. The excess light and reflections in the Stones/Diamonds reduces the quality of the raw image which needs to corrected.

Shadow/Reflection Removal

Ring image4

Unwanted reflections and shadows degrade the jewellery’s image quality. These kind of reflections and shadows could be eliminated to better fit the  products for digital advertising.

Jewellery Shadow Creation

Ring image5

The look of jewellery will appear natural and genuine with the addition of new shadow with the appropriate depth and dimension.


To improve eCommerce sales, the jewellery designers, producers, and photographers used the final product from the raw image that was created by the photo editing service.

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