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Premedia- The new buzzword in creative industry


Nowadays, the term premedia is becoming a commonly used word. Not that this premedia services is one of the hyped ones. Still, the usage is getting commonly used at many print shops, premedia companies and other creative agencies worldwide.

But it is not so clear what this particular premedia design services term is about. Also, if this relatively new term can be of some assistance in the marketing firm or other business firms.One interesting finding is that the phrase is being confused by printers with some of the more commonly practiced prepress methods. Keep in mind that both of them are not interchangeable. Even though they are related in the prepress. This is to the specific kind of premedia procedure.


Well, to put it in simple terms, premedia is a term that evolves with the latest technology. Here the meaning of the term moves along with the progress of any industry.  Premedia design services are all about various activities. These are residing between the creation of the product and its finalization. It even includes a robust and clear message related to positive product differentiation. Then after, there’s prototype creation and design, prototype testing, changes, and finalizations, and many other things.

One important thing you need to consider. The services contain activities involved in the management of all the procedures leading to and even including the print or digital production that happens after they are complete.


The term premedia was first developed as the means for describing the procedure of the currently emerging digital and web communications. Indeed, it’s the same way prepress has been utilised for a long time. This was especially to describe the procedures involved in print production.  Frankly, before premedia services, there was no word or association termed for the digital production procedures.

You might be astonished to learn that the term was purposefully left vague. So, it encompasses the current media and delivery output channels. Along with any of those it can emerge in the years to come.

How common is the use of premedia services?

The premedia companies use the term in the supply design execution. So, it includes right from the early concept visualization to all the way going up to ready-to-publish files. That means ones created on industry-standard software and platform of choice. It ensures that the client’s needs are addressed. So, that means this services would contain all activities from any kind of input to any form of output.

Furthermore, it can include those procedures that help companies and individuals to visually communicate their messages. This is to audience present in the medium that suits the best demographic for the message.

Relationship Between Premedia And Prepress

When a client presents their artwork to be printed, the prepress method refers to everything that happens between the time the art is received and the time it is delivered to the press. As prepress is somewhat a specific kind of premedia. The prepress activities are even a premedia design services procedure. However, the premedia design service was built in such a way that it can accommodate a wide range of media.It isn’t only limited to the prepress and printing industries.